Refrigerated Misc.

Refrigerated Misc.
Duck Breast 1 Lb Avg Mduckbrex
Whole Duck 6/5.5# Mduckwho
Eggs Large Crate Megglarg
Eggs X-Large 30 Dozen Meggxlar
Eggs Large 15 Dozen  
Eggs Brown 15 Dozen Carton Meggbrrex
Eggs "Eb" 15 Dozen Meggeb-X
Eggs Organic 15 Dozen Meggorgax
Horseradish X-Hot Quart Mhorradix
Red Pepper Hummus 2/4 Mhummusr
Pickles Whole 45 Ct 5 Gal Mpic65Wh
Pickles Whole 180N Ct 5 Gal Mpicwh#3
Pickles Dill Spear 5 Gal Mpicspea
Pickles Sandwich Slicer 5 Gal Mpicsand
Pickles Sweet Candied 5 Gal Mpicbutt
Pickles Dill Chip 5 Gal Mpicchip
Pickles Hot Chp 2 Gal Mpichotc
Pickles Sweet & Spicy 2 Gal  
Pickles Half Sour 120 Ct 5 Gal Mpics1/2
Pickles Full Sour 180 Ct5 Gal Mpicsour
Dressed Cole Slaw Pound Mcoldresx
Salad 4-Bean Pound Vsal3Beax
Salad Macaroni Pound Vsalmacax
Salad Potato Pound Vsalpotrx
Salad Tri Color Pasta 6.6# Tub Vsalpstr
Tofu Firm 12/1# Mtofufir
Sauerkraut 12/2# Msauer12
Sauerkraut 2 Gallon Pail Msauerk2
Sugar Cane Swizzle Sticks 4 Oz Mswizzlex
Prosciutto D"Parma ( Imported ) Pound Mprosciu
Parm Reggiano ( Imported ) Pound Mparmigi

Buy Local

pride-of-ny.jpg Today California produces over 75% of all the lettuce and over 50% of all fruits, vegetable and nuts. Buying local helps to reduce our reliance on other areas for our produce needs.

Weekly Specials

  • Baby Bunch Beets-Red, Golden, & Candy Cane
  • Baby Bunch Turnips
  • Baby Bunch Carrots
  • Beets-Red, Golden, & Candy Cane
  • Black Trumpet Mushrooms
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Figs
  • Kohlrabi
  • Parsnips
  • Turnips
  • Rutabagas
  • Salisfy
  • Sunchokes
  • Winter Squash-Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti, Delicata